Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Why is plumbing inspection important?

If you're buying a home or property the plumbing inspection usually consists of only three points: checking to see that drains empty, toilets flush, and taps work. The plumbing inspection checklist for a comprehensive plumbing inspection performed by a licensed plumber will cover many more points.

If the plumbing inspection SDI does uncovers problems, you may want to invest in a comprehensive inspection by a plumber.  The nationwide average cost for a plumber to inspect a home is around $200.

Plumbing inspections can be a useful selling point for prospective buyers. You'll be able to prove beyond a doubt that your plumbing systems, sewer lines, and all other aspects of your home's plumbing are in tip-top shape. And you want to avoid costly plumbing emergencies

Typical plumbing repair costs

If you find out that you require plumbing repairs, here are some typical costs. Remember, even an expensive repair will probably result in less expense later on. Prices can vary, depending on the difficulty of the work being completed.

Unclogging drains - $175
Removing objects from drain lines - $100-$300
Clearing sewer lines - $75-$200
Sewer line repair $750-$2000
Sewer line replacement - $7000+
Mold remediation - $1,500

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