Exterior Inspection

Exterior Inspection

Home Inspection Checklist – Exterior

If you’re a home buyer or real estate agent and you’d like to conduct your own cursory home inspection.  When SDI inspects the home exterior, we work from a list of critical items

This covers many of the most likely and potentially expensive problems.

  • Roof Problems
    • Curled Shingles
    • Severely Deteriorated Shingles
    • Cracks in shingles
    • Hack patch job
    • Loose shingle
    • Mis-matched shingles
    • Slipping Shingles
    • Sliding Shingles
    • Damaged shingles
  • Chimney Problems
    • Missing bricks at chimney
    • Cracked chimney
    • Neapolitan chimney
  • Siding
    • Cracked hardboard siding
    • Hardboard siding rotted and patched
    • Rotted hardboard siding
    • Severely rotted hardboard siding
    • Defects with newer stucco siding
    • Stains below windows
  • Windows
    • Rotted Windows
    • Rotted Aluminum Clad Windows
    • Rotted Aluminum Window
  • Water Management
    • Proper gutters, downspouts, and downspout extensions.
    • Ground sloping away from house
    • Roof Lines
    • Water concentrated against house
  • Decks
    • Rotted deck joists
    • Sagging Deck
    • Guardrails

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