Attic Inspection

Attic Inspection

Why is it important to inspect the attic?

attic inspectionThe attic is an important part of your home's ventilation.  The attic insulates your home and it contains different safety systems - from electrical, to heating, to plumbing.  It is also a good place to inspect the structure of the home.

Heating  -  Vents and chimneys may run through the attic.  This may be a problem if they are blocked or not properly secured.  It may lead to hot air escaping into the attic and causing moisture build up.  Metal chimneys may rust from condensation.

Electrical  -  Electrical wires should be securely attached to wooden beams and tucked out of the way.  Poorly secured or exposed wires can be a target for rodents causing a hazard.

Plumbing  -  Air leaks around plumbing stacks can cause a build up of moisture in the attic.  Kitchen and bathroom vents are known to have leaks and should be sealed.

Structure  -  The beams are looked over for broken, splitting or sagging.  Structural problems need to be addressed to ensure a safe home.

Insulation  -  The attic is the first place you loose heat so any damage or missing insulation is critical.

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