When to hire a home inspector

You may be looking to sell your home and upgrade to a larger one, or you may be looking to buy your first home.  Hiring a home inspector like Scottsdale Desert Inspections help make the process more straightforward.

Selling a Home

A certified home inspection by SDI will make all the difference between a simple real estate transaction and a complicated one.  Even though you may have done work on your home in preparation of a sale,  there could be several unseen issues to fix:

  • Termites or other pests
  • Unknown septic problems
  • Mold in the walls or floors of your home
Scheduling a home inspection before you place your home on the market is always a good idea.  It allows you to have repairs completed or problems fixed before going to market

Buying a Home

Schedule an inspection before you make an offer.  This ensures that your future home is rock-solid and can affect your offer. 

Checking Repairs

If you’ve purchased a brand new home, your new property most likely included a home warranty. These warranties will cover the cost of specific repairs that need to be made within the first year of home ownership. Once repairs are made, a house inspector can evaluate the property to make sure all repairs were completed as written within the home warranty contract.

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