Pre listing inspections now a good idea

Think about selling? With a cooling market, a pre listing inspection can allow you to maintain a drivers position when an offer comes in.

It appears the days of multiple offers on the first day of a listing and waving inspections all together just to get the house have gone away thanks to several key factors, i.e. interest rates, and rising inventory.

If we're returning to a balanced, or buyers market be sure they will be doing inspections, and asking for sellers to pay for repairs.

The inspection can easily become a bargaining tool or further leverage to ask for credits and other concessions.

It is not uncommon for us to find wood rot, or termites, and or mold, all of which is very surprising to the home owner.

If a pre listing inspection is done your now addressing those not so fun items and simply providing receipts showing all has been professionally addressed. As a buyer this really goes over big, and  keeps them moving foward instead of over reacting by a large inspection report that could have been avoided.

With this in mind, it may be a good time to get a comprehensive pre listing inspection done, which will outline any and all potential expensive repairs and or service needed.  Don't wait until you get the buyers inspection report handed to you with accompaning sticker shock. Instead being pro actively repairing and servicing the home allows you to control cost of repairs and addressing items, thus allowing you to maintain much better control during that inspection period.

You now have the time to hand pick the trades working on your home, controlling quality and cost aspects. In addition this makes you appear as a pro active homeowner which buyers absolutely love seeing as it gives them that warm fuzzy feeling you've been responsible with their new home. We recommend any repair receipts and work orders be in a folder available to the buyer as well, which only adds to affirm their good decision on picking your home

No promises here but we have seen buyers actually bypassing their independant inspection report having seen an inspection was just completed. 

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