Mythbuster: Never use a home inpsector your realtor refers

home inspector 600x554A trend as of late is being driven by the belief that if your use a home inspector your realtor referred, they will be soft or overlook items to make the report easier to manage or shorter for the realtor with minimal issues to keep the transaction moving forward.

While in theory, that would be a potential possibility, in the real world however realtors have a list of inspectors they have grown to trust based getting the findings out on the table in the spirit of full disclosure.

Realtors know the industry they serve can be litigis, and they have no interest in being involved in a lawsuit. With this in mind the inspectors used by realtors are actually some of the most thorough, transparent,  seasoned industry professionals available in their prospective markets.

Realtors are actually acting in a fiduciary manner to their client's by having already weeded through a long list of inspectors to arrive upon a small choice of highy qualified inspectors for their client's to use.

Most of the inspectors that are recommended are seasoned 15 to 20 year industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge to handle this delicate process of the transaction.
Inspectors alike do not want to take any chances of missing or overlooking items to make a report look shorter, as they also are legally bound by state licencing, and contractually bound to Standards Of Practice set forth by the states they operate in.

If you'll be making your own selection, here's a few tips:

  1.  How many years have they been in operation? (The longer the better)
  2. How many inspections have they completed themselves. (5000 or more personally completed means huge field experience). Don't fall for how many the company as a whole may have completed.
  3. Do they participate in ongoing continued education? (Some states don't require anything once they are licensed).
  4. Are they part of a professional association? I.E. National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, (NACHI, American Society of Home Inpsectors, (ASHI).
Ultimately the choice is our client's whether finding us on Google, or being referred we'd love to work with you on your home inspection needs and appreciate the opportunity
Happy House Hunting.

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