Inspection companies offering much more than general home inspections

Not that long ago, if you needed a home inspection, you received just that, a general home inspection. 
For the most part it sufficed, however it's safe to say that train has left the station. Honestly todays home buyer, seller, real estate industry professionals  expect additonal ancillary inspections to choose from in addition to the standard home inspection.

For us here in the Scottsdale Phoenix area the majority of our inspections clients are also in need of a termite inspection, (super common in our state), as well as pools, if you ask me a pool here is a not a luxury, it's a necessity, ( think 100 plus days of 100 degree temperatures). Other recent requests we're getting is for a mold air sampling analysis as a recent statistic shows over half of U.S. homes or properties have some type of mold,  for the most part with big surprises to the selling party. New A.I. (artificial Intelligence) technology has become a platform to deliver a 100% read out of the air particulates where as a typical older pump type technology would identify 30 percent, Leaving alot of unknowns.

In addition, another popular inspection is the sewer scope with high tech snake type cameras that do a fantastic job of identifying issues with the main sewer line leaving the structure, and connecting the the city sewer.

Especially popular in areas with older neighborhoods, (think 1980's and older) in which the sewer pipe material can be made of clay of orangeberg, which is  cardboard encased in a tar like lining, both of which are subseptable to vegetation root impact. 

When this occurs a re pipe can be thousands of dollars. Even if the home is  a more recent build,  if left vacant, the line can clog from solids as it is merely relying on gravity to get to the city connection.

Today's buyer has also raised the bar of regular home inspections asking for more cosmetic items to be added as well as items like testing of structured wiring like A/V, security systems, etc. Getting them to pay for the extra items not required is another story. J.K.

So it's no wonder to see your average report get much longer than probably anytime previous. The great new is that your average inspection pricing for the above mentioned ala carte inspections will be less than ordering them from different sources as the home inspector is already on sight.
Keep in mind also that one contact with one payment and one report source really streamlines the process for the buyers

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