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Sure, you had an initial once-over of your home A/C unit during your home inspection. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep tabs on your unit from here on out. In fact, at least once a year, you need to perform your own inspection. Here’s what you need to look for:

Start by checking the outside unit. It should:
  • Be clean and free of obstructions; it shouldn’t be covered in any dirt or debris, such as leaves and grass clippings.
  • Be level on the ground.
  • Have at least 2 feet of clearance around it.
  • Have insulation around the refrigerant lines that isn’t torn or compromised in any way.
Then, move inside. The vents should have noticeably cold air blowing out of them, and you shouldn’t hear any strange noises coming from the system. Is your thermostat accurate? is it level? Every degree you can turn up saves you an average of 3% on your utility bill, having a programmable thermostat installed can save you tons of money, if your household has a regular schedule where you are not home, during the day.

Depending on your filter type, clean or replace monthly, we recommend writing on the side of your filter the date you change it, life gets hectic, and we all forget sometimes the last time we did something. As a general rule of thumb, when you get your electric bill its a good time to change your filter. We recommend unless you have severe allergies, or asthma to use cheap $2 throw aways, and usually you can order a whole year supply at your local hardware store or Amazon and keep them handy. If you do have allergies or asthma you can let us know and we have recommendations that could help you immensely such as whole house air cleaners, air scrubbers, UV lights, washable HEPA filters, and so on.

What Type of Maintenance Do Air Conditioners Need?

Is your new home’s air conditioner brand-new or are you unsure of its age? Unless you recently installed the system this season, your air conditioner needs regular service. Routine maintenance can increase the system’s energy efficiency, decrease cooling costs, and reduce the likelihood of a wear-and-tear-related breakdown.

If you’ve never had to care for a residential cooling system, you’ll need to:

Find a quality HVAC company. Autumn Air is such a company, with almost 2 decades here in our valley, and hundreds of great reviews from folks just like you. A quality HVAC contractor should have plenty of expertise and experience as well as the proper licensing to work with refrigerant, it doesn’t hurt to have tons or accreditation’s and regular factory training either, we’ve got plenty of that.

Schedule annual service. Your A/C system requires regular service. A common rule of thumb is twice a year to ensure the A/C components are functioning correctly. Our HVAC technician will inspect the unit, clean dust/debris, and recommend repairs if needed.

Clean or change the filter. Along with professional maintenance, you can increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality, and maximize A/C function with a monthly filter change or cleaning (depending on the type of filter your system uses).

As a first-time homeowner, you may have more maintenance or use questions about your AC system. Discuss your concerns with the HVAC contractor during routine service. The professional can help you to understand how your home’s individual system works and what to expect from it over the next few years.

If your system is “new” this is the best time to establish maintenance, why wait until your warranties have run up, when you can take advantage now and possibly save some money?