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Certified Home Inspector near Phoenix AZ

Scottsdale Desert Inspections provides full service in Phoenix Arizona

We analyze everything from framing to HVAC, Plumbing to grading, and so much more. To help you understand the basics of what is included on your Phoenix home inspection, here are a few of the items that are included:

  • KITCHEN: Sink, Cabinets, Counters, Built In Appliances
  • ROOFING: Surface Materials, Flashing, Over-Hangs, Drainage
  • ATTIC: Access,, Ventilation, Framing, Insulation, Electrical, Plumbing, Ducting
  • INTERIOR: Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Stairs, Doors, Closets, Fireplace
  • EXTERIOR: Grading, Drainage, Fencing, Garages, Driveways, Vegetation Impact, Decks, Patios, Foundations, Doors, Windows, Lights
  • ELECTRICAL: Service Capacity, Circuitry, Outlets & Switches
  • PLUMBING: Visible Piping, Fixtures, Drains, Pressure, Water Heater
  • HEAT & AC: Type, Operation Distribution, Controls, Filters
  • BATHROOMS: Fixtures, Plumbing Ventilation, Tiled Surfaces
Customer testimonial:

SDI does a great job for my clients

"SDI is my clients' inspection company of choice as well as mine.  Tray Raymond does a great job for my clients time after time.  It is evident by the repeat business my clients and I do with SDI.  The care Tray shows in explaining findings and offering possible options is important. 

I have done business with SDI over the past 10 years on a regular basis and do not hesitate to recommend Scottsdale Desert Inspection to my clients and peer agent for their residential home inspection needs."

Julie A.
Scottsdale, AZ

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