When discussing a Cool Roof, we are not talking about a roof that simply looks good. Put very simply, a Cool Roof is a roof that is designed to reflect the suns radiation, keeping your home cooler. This is especially a good idea for areas of the country that are very hot.

What are the benefits to a Cool Roof?

Materials used in roof construction can last longer with a Cool Roof.

Although a Cool Roof could actually cost more in heating, the savings achieved due to the cooling effects of the roof far outweigh the costs. There are some roof reflecting materials that can actually reduce the temperature on a roof by as much as 100 degrees. This is good in areas like cities where they can be affected by blackouts and brownouts due to too many buildings retaining heat. This is dangerous when there is a heatwave, as air quality goes down.

Cool roofs lower electrical demand, which is a very good thing at peak heat times of the day. This is when electrical systems can become overloaded with air cooling devices such as air conditioners.

In some cases, a installing a Cool Roof could result in utility rebates. Saving money is never a bad thing.

How are Cool Roofs installed?

There are a few different types of Cool Roof. Some are used by applying a coating over the existing roof, also a single ply membrane can be used.

Either way, we can see that a Cool Roof, especially in a hot climate can be beneficial not only to our comfort, but also for our wallet.