InĀ our previous article, we what a Biowall is. What can we say about the benefits of Biowalls?

To start with, research has shown that when a Biowall is placed in an office environment, it contributes to the happiness of the employees. There is also more productivity.

SBS, also known as Sick Building Syndrome can cause a number of ailments such as dizziness, headaches and nose, throat and eye irritation. Biowalls in their active state provide a natural filtration system which can reduce the effects of SBS. This filtration can also help against unhealthy pollutants.

Biowalls also have many benefits on the exterior of a building as well as the interior. It could actually help protect the building from harmful UV rays and even acid rain.

Active exterior Biowalls also provide good insulation, which can help reduce energy costs.

As we have also discussed, exterior Biowalls help with the effects of UHI (Urban Heat Island) as heat does not radiate as much.

Those who are interested in green roofs, would enjoy a Biowall since there is less structural strain on the building than with the green roof.

As we can see, a Biowall has many benefits. Who of us doesn’t feel more relaxed in an environment where there is some level of nature?

We want to note however, that there are also some disadvantages to Biowalls. If you would like more information on this, please contact us.